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Online Reputation Management

Do you have a presence online?  Then you need to be managing it.

What is ORM?

Online Reputation Management, or ORM, involves the practice of monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand, and addressing any issues that could be possibly damaging to their reputation. Effective reputation management also allows a brand to ensure that its customers view that brand the same way that it views itself, both online and in real life.  There are several key elements that go into successful ORM, including active reputation monitoring, brand management, and stellar customer service.  Neglecting any of these areas can have dire consequences.

At RepBright, our primary goal is to ensure that our clients are viewed by the world the same way that they view themselves.  

Reputation Maintenance

The best way to ensure a great reputation is to run a great business.  Refusing to engage in any practices that you wouldn’t want the public to find out about, and practicing transparency with both your employees and your customers are both key elements in maintaining one’s reputation.  Unfortunately, even the most well-intentioned businesses tend to pick up detractors along the road to success.  Continually monitoring and maintaining your reputation is the most effective damage control there is.

Reputation Repair

Ideally, great businesses would have great reputations simply based on the truth that they do great business.  Unfortunately, this is not the case online.  Gone are the days of the corporate giant shushing the annoying little customer.  The Internet is vast, and everyone has a voice.  Sadly, some of these voices are inaccurate or dishonest.  Whether it be a disgruntled employee, a competitor, or a customer who feels they’ve been wronged, anyone can negatively impact your brand’s good name.  With active monitoring, you can find these voices quickly and work to either change their opinion of you, or remove their inaccurate portrayal of your brand from wherever they’ve shared it.  We all make mistakes.  Rectifying those mistakes can be the greatest boost to your reputation effectively, turning a detractor to an evangelist for your brand.